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Hello Cracked Readers!

I noticed I got a big spike in traffic today which can only mean one thing: one of my Cracked articles went live. Since that is the case (the borders article I cowrote was posted) I’d like to welcome the hundreds of people who are bombarding my site with views to my meager blog. If you’ve spent more than a couple of seconds here, you’ve probably noticed that I don’t really update on the schedule I’d like to (that is, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Good news though! I finished writing a piece about flag day that I plan on posting tomorrow sometime around noon EST. Hopefully some of you will be around to read that.

In the meantime however, you can check out some of my older work. I’d consider my most thorough posts to be Backed by the Pentagon (all about the government in Hollywood), A Brief History of Gmail (all about how Gmail came to be) and There Be No Dragons Here (all about the trope of hic sunt dracones found in fiction). If you’d like, you can also try these games I play called Cyber Nations and Politics & War, which are too pretty good games that I enjoy. You could also start watching Stargate: SG-1 or Deep Space 9, which are two shows that I love. If you don’t have it already, you can use this handy dandy link to get 30 days of Amazon Prime free which has both SG-1 and DS9 available for streaming.

You can also look forward to another Cracked article I wrote coming in another couple of months about some video games. I’ll post a link to it on my Twitter when that happens. In the meantime, enjoy your day and remember that 70% of you have already stopped reading this.

The Food Babe Parody: Reblog From “I Fucking Don’t Understand Science”

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a complete disregard for scientific research and tangible evidence. Due to the open nature of the Internet, the web is sure to be full of that kind of nonsense. The Food Babe is one such site that lies close to the core of the anti-science blogosphere. A parody blog I am particularly fond of, I Fucking Don’t Understand Science, took a shot at The Food Babe today that I found quite humorous. Have a look, and enjoy!

Q&A: The Food Babe’s Latest Diet! | I Fucking Don’t Understand Science.

Google Pro Now Free - Mapshole

Good News Everyone! Google Earth Pro Now Free!

Good news everyone! Two weeks ago the Google Earth team announced on the Google Lat-Long blog that Google Earth Pro, which was formerly $399 dollars a year, would now be free for everyone!

Google Earth Pro has several additional features over the normal Google Earth software. Pro users have access to additional measurement tools that can be used to measure things like the area of a parking lot or land development. Under a pro license, users can also take high resolution screenshots of up to 4,800 x 3,200 pixels, a useful tool especially if you plan on making anything creative with Google Earth.

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